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Coby Dp-151 Driver Download Free [April-2022]




NET can be used to display your camera's pictures as well. For enhanced driver functionality, our Cobra Photo Viewer will enhance your pictures to a professional standard, using a variety of effects and filters. Cobra Photo Viewer .NET is a free download, and does not need to be installed. Details The Cobra Photo Viewer .NET software program works on both Microsoft Windows and Linux (Intel and AMD) operating systems. The Windows version can be used to view photos stored in PictureBox format (popular in the PictureBox 4.x series). The program uses WMP for picture file display. WMP is included with most recent versions of Windows. The Linux version of Cobra Photo Viewer will work on any Linux distribution, including Ubuntu. The Linux version does not require WMP. The PictureBox 4.x or WMP file format are used on the Windows versions of Cobra Photo Viewer, and PictureBox 4.x is the file format recommended. The older PictureBox 3.x format is not supported. The Coby Photo Viewer driver allows for more advanced features than the included PictureBox 4.x viewer. The Cobra Photo Viewer Software supports a wide range of image display options. You can zoom in and out of photos to fit your monitor's size. Photos can be scaled to fit in any dimension. Various sizes of images can be displayed, including resized for e-mailing. Some of the image display options include: •Zoom, Scale, Fit, Resize, Fill, W/H, or Rotate •Clear Image, with or without Background •Backgrounds •Effects and Filters The Cobra Photo Viewer .NET software is compatible with DP-151 models: •DP-151 •DP-151D •DP-151D-E •DP-151D-H •DP-151D-I •DP-151D-I-S •DP-151E-F •DP-151E-H •DP-151E-J •DP-151E-I •DP-151E-I-S •DP-151E-J-S •DP-151G •DP-151G-E •DP-151




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Coby Dp-151 Driver Download Free [April-2022]

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